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New Jersey And New York Fraud And Complex Litigation

For more than 40 years, the Kridel Law Group has provided high-quality legal services to businesses and individuals in New York City and New Jersey. With two offices and an illustrious roster of attorneys, we provide insightful and sophisticated legal advice in a variety of legal areas. We are a firm that spends a great deal of time in the courtroom, having honed our litigation skills over thousands of hours in front of judges and juries. We utilize state-of-the-art technology in order to ensure our clients' needs are met in a cost-effective, yet fully comprehensive manner.

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Although New Jersey has very stringent laws concerning construction projects, most contractors are in violation of either the Home Improvement Act or the Consumer Fraud Act on every project they do. With the exception of new construction, the Consumer Fraud Act applies to any type of home improvement work. This includes home renovations, landscaping and any other project that improves the property. Contractors are required to pull a permit and present a contract prior to doing any work. Most contractors routinely fail to do either of these things. Absent either of these things, you have the basis for a lawsuit if the contractor failed to complete the project as promised or did work that is not up to code.

Construction fraud affecting commercial properties is considered a “per se” violation of the Consumer Fraud Act. In both residential and property claims, you only need to show that a code violation or poor work occurred, you do not need to prove that the contractor intended to do poor quality work. If the court rules in your favor, awards can be up to three times your loss plus your attorney fees. This is a tremendous sword in the hand of the consumer, landlord or business owner to use against dishonest contractors.


We have successfully represented clients in construction fraud cases for decades. While property owners make up the bulk of our clients, we also represent contractors in these matters. In addition, we offer services to help contractors ensure that their business practices are in compliance with both the Home Improvement Act and the Consumer Fraud Act. If you are a property owner and believe you have a claim, it is always worthwhile to schedule a consultation to discuss possibilities. If you are a contractor, it is always wise to speak with an attorney to make sure you have taken the proper steps to minimize the likelihood of getting sued.


With a roster of lawyers known for their skills in litigation, the Kridel Law Group provides trial services in all types of simple and complex civil and criminal matters.

We represent buyers and sellers in commercial and residential real estate transactions. We prepare all of the legal documents necessary to complete a transaction in either New Jersey or New York, and negotiate the terms of any contracts when needed.


Bankruptcy is a viable debt relief or debt restructuring option for both businesses and individuals. No one should commit to filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition without first considering other strategies and long-term ramifications.

Bankruptcy may be the best response to threatened foreclosure proceedings, but other options may better fit your circumstances. We encourage you to consult with our Clifton bankruptcy lawyers about how to utilize bankruptcy to discharge taxes or supplement the tax code, and provide an installment agreement when the IRS says “no.”


Virtually every business and legal issue has ramifications in tax law, from estate planning to business formation. Founding attorney James A. Kridel, Jr. has an advanced degree in tax law, along with 40 years of practical experience advising clients on the tax-related consequences of both personal and business decisions. Mr. Kridel and his team of accomplished attorneys represent clients in negotiations with taxation authorities to mitigate past-due federal and state tax debts. We also work closely with businesses and individuals caught up in taxation conflicts between New York and New Jersey. We can help you with taxation negotiation options such as offers in compromise and installment plans as well.


The Kridel Law Group has an active business litigation practice in state, federal, and appellate courts throughout New York and New Jersey. Our attorneys represent businesses ranging from major corporations to startups in all types of business disputes. We handle employment law conflicts, provide transactional and litigation services to the banking industry, and counsel clients in business formation issues.


At the heart of every estate plan, you will find complex financial interests that need to be considered and protected. Our attorneys will work closely with the rest of your financial team, using wills and trusts to protect your assets while you are living and to minimize estate taxes and probate costs after you are gone. The Kridel Law Group also offers its services in estate administration and litigation.


We defend those accused of a variety of crimes in New Jersey. We mount strong, intelligent defenses to everything from DUI to drug crimes to homicide and other violent crimes, as well as structuring and criminal tax defense.


Handling a family's legal issues is something we take very seriously at the Kridel Law Group. Whether you are facing divorce, need child custody advice, or have concerns about domestic violence, we can help. Our firm also provides post-divorce counsel in reconsideration, modifications and enforcement.


Our law firm also handles issues related to security clearances and other matters.


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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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