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Protecting Our Clients’ Legacies For Over 40 Years

Wills and trusts are critical tools when it comes to protecting your wealth and passing it on to the next generation. Without these documents in place, the court may distribute your hard-won earnings in ways that you would not have chosen. At Kridel Law Group, we can work with you to create solid wills and trusts for your estate plan that are tailored to your unique financial situation.

The Importance Of Working With A Lawyer On Your Will

Every adult with significant assets should have a will and, probably, one or more trusts. It is never too early to sit down with a lawyer to create these documents. If you suffer an unexpected accident or illness, you will be glad that you did. Some of the benefits of having these documents in place include:

  • Reducing tax penalties
  • Avoiding or shortening the probate process
  • Protecting your beneficiaries' financial security
  • Gaining peace of mind

To make your will or trust, we first sit down in person or remotely to discuss your finances and your goals. Then, we draft detailed estate planning documents that we know can stand up in court. Along the way, we always provide prompt communication to any of your inquiries or concerns. We build relationships with our clients so we can adjust your estate plan with ease if the future changes your circumstances.

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The sooner you have a legally binding estate plan under your belt, the better you can feel about protecting your wealth. Schedule an initial consultation about estate planning with us today. To begin, call our Manhattan office at 212-924-1625, call our Clifton office at CALL or send us an email.

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