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Protecting Innocent Spouses From Their Partners’ Debts

Sometimes, one spouse in a marriage is completely unaware that their husband or wife filed a fraudulent tax return or has hidden their gambling income. In cases like these, innocent spouse relief with the IRS is an option that can shield you from your spouse's tax liabilities.

If you are interested in innocent spouse relief, contact Kridel Law Group. We have helped clients in tax controversy and bankruptcy throughout New York and New Jersey for more than 10 years, advocating tirelessly for their best interests. You should not have to be accountable for the choices of your spouse; we will fight to shield you from harsh civil penalties and financial ruin.

What To Know About Innocent Spouse Relief

If one spouse underdeclared their gambling income, earned income through illegal activity or committed some other form of tax fraud without their spouse's knowledge, the IRS offers something called innocent spouse relief. When it is not fair to hold both spouses liable for filing a fraudulent return, the aggrieved spouse can file a claim to avoid the financial or criminal penalties. Some of the criteria that could qualify you for an innocent spouse relief claim include:

  • You did not know about the unlawful activity
  • Your spouse earned income from gambling or unlawful activity
  • Your spouse failed to report their full earnings
  • Your spouse forged your signature

Even if your partner has filed for bankruptcy, you still have the right to seek innocent spouse relief. We have helped numerous people in your shoes. Do not give up hope – you might feel overwhelmed right now, but we will put all our experience, strength and dedication into protecting your future.

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