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Tax Conflicts

New Jersey and New York businesses understand very well how easily business ventures can cross state lines. Interstate commercial relationships can be advantageous for businesses in either state.

However, the New York and New Jersey tax authorities can sometimes be overzealous in collecting taxes on commercial activity. Businesses may find themselves double-taxed or subject to unfair tax levies due to interstate tax conflicts. Individuals may also find themselves confronted with such conflicts between states.

Interstate tax conflicts and double taxation can result in confusing tax bills and a tangle of red tape that can take years to unravel, whether the conflict arises from commercial taxes, personal income taxes, or other forms of tax.

Questions or concerns about interstate tax conflicts? Contact a New York and New Jersey tax conflict lawyer at our firm.

Experienced Tax Law Firm for Interstate Tax Conflicts

For more than 40 years, the Kridel Law Group has provided sophisticated legal services to businesses and individuals in both New York and New Jersey. Our lawyers have significant formal training and practical experience advocating for clients caught up in interstate conflicts with New York and New Jersey taxation authorities.

Founding partner James A. Kridel, Jr. has an advanced degree in tax law that he uses in conjunction with decades of tax law practice to help individuals and businesses of all sizes resolve interstate tax conflicts.

We have resolved interstate tax conflicts involving questionable levies of payroll taxes, sales taxes, income taxes, and excise taxes. Interstate tax problems faced by our clients have included:

  • A physician who was charged capital gains tax by both New York and New Jersey due to New York's statutory residency regulations for taxation purposes
  • A business that needed advice on how to write a commercial transaction agreement that would prevent any interstate sales tax conflicts from arising
  • A New Jersey radio station that received an excise tax bill from the state of New York because its radio signals happened to hit radio towers within New York
  • Owners of liquor stores with locations in both New York and New Jersey who purchased and sold products in both states and received unanticipated sales tax bills

We can negotiate conciliations with the state tax boards and advocate for our clients in the tax courts, if necessary. Most importantly, we work with our clients in advance to help craft business plans that minimize the occurrence of interstate tax conflicts.

Contact Us for Legal Advice Regarding Interstate Tax Conflicts

Thinking ahead about taxation issues can save time and money down the road. If you are already caught in an interstate tax conflict, quick intervention by a seasoned tax attorney can help resolve the problem before it becomes unmanageable.

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