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New Jersey Installment Payment Agreements

In some cases, filing for bankruptcy may provide the much needed relief with respect to tax obligations and other outstanding tax debts. However, this is not always an option depending on your goals and financial situation. In order to make the best decision, it is vital that you consult with a law firm that understands the technical aspects of both tax law and bankruptcy filings.

At the Kridel Law Groupwith offices in New York and New Jersey, we can help you with any tax problems that require diligent legal representation. We confidently handle all types of tax issues and options, including tax debt installment agreements. Since we are highly knowledgeable of this option for repaying a tax debt, our skilled lawyers can take the time to explain to you all of the details that may apply to your specific situation.

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Clifton Lawyers Handling Back Taxes

In certain cases, we can negotiate for an installment plan to be set up where you can pay your tax debt over time. In certain instances, this can be folded into a Chapter 13 bankruptcy payment plan, which can often give you up to five years to pay tax arrears. In other cases, we can help you negotiate a reduced amount with the IRS or state tax authority to pay the tax debt on its own over time. Both are ways of achieving much needed income tax relief.

This option is also a good alternative when an offer in compromise will not be accepted by the IRS. An installment plan can also prevent a party of putting a levy on an asset or bank account.

Before you enter into any tax relief option, you should check with us to see if bankruptcy is an option to discharging a tax debt. Using bankruptcy, you can avoid paying the interest owed on an outstanding balance.

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