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Federal and State Tax Debts

Being in debt and having financial difficulties are always stressful. With the help of an experienced lawyer at the Kridel Law Group, it may be possible to regain control of your tax debt. Relief is provided to clients located in both New York and New Jersey, as we have a full understanding of the laws that govern taxation in both states.

Tax debts can either be owed to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or an individual state revenue agency. Regardless of the institution to which you owe taxes, it may be possible to obtain tax debt relief through a variety of means.

To discuss these complex state and federal tax debt matters, contact an experienced attorney at our firm.

Filing for Bankruptcy or Constructing Repayment Plans

In some cases, filing for bankruptcy may provide relief with respect to tax obligations. Filing for bankruptcy to deal with tax debt means that you may not have to pay any of the owed taxes. If the taxes cannot be completely discharged through a bankruptcy filing, our lawyers may be able to provide relief by crafting a debt payment plan that will reduce and/or eliminate tax debt.

Offers in Compromise

An agreement between a taxpayer and the IRS that settles the tax payer's liabilities for less than the total amount owed is called an offer in compromise. Although each case is fact-specific, generally an offer will not be accepted unless it is presented in such a way that the IRS believes that the offer is in its interest to accept and that there are serious collection impediments should they not accept an offer.

Tax law is extremely complex and there are many exceptions to the rules concerning tax debt relief. By discussing your situation with attorney James A. Kridel, Jr. or another member of our qualified legal team, we can learn more about your specific case and determine the best way to resolve your particular issues.

Attorneys in New York and New Jersey Handling Federal and State Taxes

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