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New Jersey Employment Agreements & Disputes

Employment law issues are extremely serious and may affect your future or the future of your business. In order to address these matters as quickly as possible, it is important that you enlist the assistance of an experienced employment law attorney.

Trust a knowledgeable litigator at the Kridel Law Group to approach your case head-on using state-of-the-art technology and honed trial litigation skills. Contact our firm today.

New York And New Jersey Employment Law Lawyers

Our attorneys at the Kridel Law Group represent both businesses and individuals in a wide range of employment law matters, including:

  • Drafting and reviewing employment contracts and related litigation
  • Drafting and reviewing restrictive covenants in employment agreements, such as non-compete agreements and related litigation
  • Theft of trade secrets and customer lists
  • Breach of fiduciary responsibility
  • Breach of contract
  • Contract dispute issues
  • Sexual harassment claims
  • Discrimination claims, including discrimination based on age, race, sex, gender, disability, national origin, religion, pregnancy, and marital status
  • Drafting and negotiating severance agreements
  • Wrongful termination claims
  • Employer defense of employment law claims

Our firm has handled complex employment law cases, including one of the largest sexual harassment cases since the Anita Hill case. Our attorneys have also handled cases involving claims of male sexual harassment.

Having successfully litigated a large number of cases involving non-compete agreements for major corporations, our attorneys can offer expert advice for companies drafting these agreements. Even when there is no employment agreement, our firm has successfully argued that there is a duty of loyalty owed to an employer, which would prevent an employee from competing with the employer during his or her employment.

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