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At the Kridel Law Group, we pride ourselves on utilizing state-of-the-art technology when managing our clients' cases. Our proficiency with sophisticated legal software and hardware sets us apart from other firms by allowing us to operate more efficiently, as well as handle matters for which a small firm would not have the capacity or resources. Our use of the best technology available for the legal market promotes our ability to provide superior representation to our clients while maintaining the personal and responsive service of a boutique firm.

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Litigation support software that allows attorneys to effectively manage case information, including transcripts, documents, exhibits, and other electronic evidence, as well as manipulate this information throughout all stages of litigation. Every document or image which comes into the firm regarding a file is scanned in a searchable format and an image format, so that should there be an extensive amount of documents, one can locate a particular letter within a few seconds by typing in the appropriate search criteria. Once found, the image of that document can be read and/or reproduced immediately. If same is within a larger document, such as a deposition, then the rest of the deposition can also be read in conjunction with the particular passage or document that is being searched. Another example of how we use this software would be to determine what each of some fifteen witnesses said occurred on a specific date as to a specific incident, and then graphically compare same for the purpose of finding consistencies or inconsistencies. This is a very powerful piece of software typically used for large cases to permit immediate electronic access to the information and search large amounts of data in seconds for purposes of motions, cross-examinations, and other such trial procedures.


Litigation support software that allows attorneys to organize, evaluate and explore the facts, key individuals or witnesses, and the issues in a case by converting bland facts and issues into full color presentations for the courtroom and office use. CaseMap is software which tends to evaluate people, documents, evidence, and issues for settlement and/or trial purposes. It effectively creates a complete map of the cast of characters of a case, including all of the issues and evidence associated therewith.


Timeline and graphing software which links to CaseMap® and converts the case information into visual presentations allowing attorneys, clients and the Court to clearly understand the facts in a graphic timeline. TimeMap presents a proportional time grid with the facts attached thereto. By looking at the visual of the timeline graph, one can quickly analyze cases as well as interpret same. By moving the fact boxes attached to the time grid to either side of the grid, one can compare the various positions to further analyze the progression of the case. This is a remarkable piece of software which visualizes the details involved in a case in a graphical format.


Transcript management software that seamlessly integrates with CaseMap® and TimeMap®, and easily handles multiple transcripts simultaneously in electronic format, allowing attorneys to expedite the processing of case testimony, organize key details, and search and annotate transcripts with ease. Once transcripts have been loaded into the software, users can search within and across multiple transcripts, as well as link exhibits and other documents directly to the relevant transcript text.


Outlining software that assists attorneys in the creation of outlines and notes for case analysis, with advanced functionality beyond word processing software.


Fully interactive office management software which allows both attorneys and support staff to access and organize information regarding clients, cases and documents, as well as manage calendars and tasks, in a single database. Within each matter, one can view all of the associated contacts, deadlines, telephone conferences, documents, and correspondence associated therewith by the click of a mouse.


Practice management software which links to Time Matters® and provides attorneys and support staff with additional time management and accounting features, assuring that client monies are precisely allocated. This software accurately maintains time records by attorneys and staff to ensure that billing is correct and precise.


Digital faxing software which allows attorneys and support staff to manipulate, email, and manage facsimile correspondence through office-wide broadcasting and long-term archiving abilities. When a fax is received by the Firm, same is broadcasted to each individual workstation with a hard copy printed automatically. Accordingly, users are simultaneously kept up to date by individual notification of the arrival of all facsimile correspondence, as well as the content thereof. Within Zetafax, users can search, re-print, and save electronic copies to the corresponding client file and link same within Time Matters® to facilitate ease of reference.


Digital voice transcription software and handheld transcription modules which allow attorneys to electronically dictate client and case information, upload, and email messages while out of the office or from their desk, for purposes of transcription. Dictation is a longstanding staple of law firms that allows busy attorneys to take thorough case notes and record large amounts of information. The digital format that we use offers greater efficiency and enhanced workflow, secures client confidentiality by way of the 256-bit file encryption and four-digit PIN locking of the devices, and is consistently reliable in quality and performance.


Internal office call accounting software which tracks and records all incoming and outgoing calls and provides attorneys and support staff the ability to print daily, monthly, or client phone reports. This software provides additional back-up for billing and for the purposes of recalling time and/or costs expended, including documentation and for follow-up.


Net Phone® provides attorneys and support staff with telephone features and call handling functions directly from their workstations. The software manages incoming and outgoing call functions and synchronizes with Time Matters® to ensure that important calls are recorded and not overlooked.


Extensive online research databases containing cases from all federal and state case reporters, expanded search databases for New York and New Jersey, specialized bankruptcy and federal and state tax law databases, brief and document databases, practice guides, other research materials, and practice management tools that provide attorneys with essential resources for the effective representation of our clients. If a case was decided an hour ago, our firm will be aware of it.


Provides easy access to information, research, and tools to help attorneys draft legal documents by integrating WestlawNext™ with Microsoft Word. This software easily locates supporting authority for document text and verifies the accuracy of citations and quotations, while simultaneously validating the formatting of the document and citations in accordance with jurisdictional rules.


Real estate transaction software which allows attorneys and support staff to carefully manage sales and purchases of both residential and commercial real estate. The software includes commonly used templates and allows for the integration of firm-produced templates, for the purposes of merging data to expeditiously manage sales, purchases, and refinances of both residential and commercial real estate.


Streamlines the preparation of Case Information Statements for use in family law matters, including worksheets for child support, custodial and non-custodial support, and other dependents; assets and liabilities distribution reports; and, lifestyle expenditure documents for use in alimony negotiations. The software centralizes data entry screens that populate all forms in accordance with New Jersey Guidelines and allows for further customization in Microsoft Word and PDF formats.


The first of its kind, CINcompass is a cloud-based comprehensive bankruptcy software application. CINcompass allows attorneys to securely manage all aspects of Federal Bankruptcy filings for both personal and business filers, including the assessment of debtor income against the Means Test, as well as electronically prepare and file petitions with the court. CINcompass promotes the most efficient preparation of petitions and case management, while offering power and flexibility lacking in many other traditional bankruptcy software packages.


Advanced document assembly program that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word and Time Matters®, and gives attorneys the ability to transform legal documents into powerful process applications, saving time and money, and yielding better-quality documents. This software is especially used for documents that need to be produced on a repeated basis, but is capable of virtually any level of document generation process automation.


This fully comprehensive document editing software is used in conjunction with our eCopy ScanStations, including the ability to convert scanned images to various document types, such as searchable PDFs via the use of advanced OCR conversion, as well as Microsoft Word and Excel documents.


Used commonly in conjunction with CaseMap®, with a special add-on to import data directly to CaseMap®. This software enables automated and customizable Bates stamping of scanned documents for use in data analysis and litigation.


Fully integrated telecommunications with advanced voicemail and teleconferencing functions, ensuring that our clients' phone calls are carefully attended to and efficiently managed. Computer network including state of the art server, workstations and firewall, as well as a cloud-based backup with respect to data retention, which allows our attorneys and support staff to manage our office on a daily basis as efficiently as possible. High-speed cable Internet connection provides the voice and data backbone for our office.


All-in-one multifunction platform at the core of our digital communications, which transcends workflow from a series of individual processes to a continuous and integrated flow of shared information. State of the art, high-speed scanning, faxing, copying, and printing functionality is connected with software using an extremely intuitive interface. The firm currently maintains two imageRunner Advance units, one being full color and the other in black and white, generating output at 75 pages per minute, each of which is connected to an eCopy ScanStation for exceptional productivity in a high-volume office.


Each Canon imageRunner Advance is equipped with an eCopy ScanStation. This separate hardware, comprising a separate CPU and touchscreen monitor, permits scanning to be pushed from the unit into files and software applications directly, so as to efficiently deliver scanned documents to their proper locations.

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