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Bergen County Criminal Record Expungement Lawyers

Having a criminal record can make it very difficult for a person to live a normal life. A conviction on even one serious offense can create a permanent criminal record that can hinder your ability to get a job and apply for certain licenses. The law allows people who may have made some mistakes in their past to clean up their criminal records through a process called expungement.

The end result of an expungement is, essentially, that the offense disappears. The record is sealed and, when employers and most other concerned parties run a criminal background check on you, the offense will not appear in the information they receive. In addition, you will be able to truthfully answer “No” on any application or other form that asks whether you have been convicted of a crime.

Questions about having your criminal record expunged? Contact a knowledgeable lawyer at the Kridel Law Group in New York and New Jersey.

Helping You Through A Complex Process

The process for obtaining an expungement can be difficult. There is specific information that must be included with the petition and a hearing that must be held with the Superior Court. At the Kridel Law Group, we have represented clients throughout New York City and northern New Jersey, including Passaic, Bergen, Essex and Morris counties in expungement proceedings.

Our Bergen County criminal defense attorneys are committed to helping you get a fresh start with a clean record. We have a complete understanding of the laws governing expungements. We know what offenses are eligible to be expunged, and we know all the rules that apply. We will present the most compelling possible argument on your behalf in pursuit of that goal.

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