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Establishing Professional Gambler Status For Tax Purposes

For tax purposes, it is important for those who engage in frequent gambling to be able to distinguish between a professional gambler and a casual gambler. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE IN TAX TREATMENT BETWEEN A PROFESSIONAL GAMBLER AND A CASUAL GAMBLER? Professional...

Corporate TAX Conflicts Between New York And New Jersey

Many companies do business in both New York and New Jersey, but crossing state lines for business purposes can also blur the distinction regarding which state's tax laws apply. In some instances, both states may try to collect taxes on one business activity,...

What You Can Do To Enforce And Collect A Judgement

If you have obtained a judgment against another party which is refusing to pay the monies you are owed, you have a few options. Your experienced New Jersey civil litigation attorney can advise as to which method of collecting the judgment might be most appropriate...

Summary Exhibits in Federal District Court (Rule 1006)

When selecting a New Jersey attorney for your complex civil litigation case, it is essential that he or she be well-versed in all of the Federal Rules of Evidence. One such rule provides the procedure by which attorneys must offer summary exhibits in Federal...

Federal Bankruptcy Exemptions available to New Jersey Debtors

If you plan to initiate bankruptcy proceedings in New Jersey, it is important to understand which of your assets are exempted, or “safe,” from sale to pay your creditors under Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings, or how much money each creditor will receive from your...

Reforms in New Jersey Alimony Law

New Jersey alimony laws have been called archaic in the past, but received several updates when Governor Chris Christie signed an alimony reform bill into law in 2014. If you have an alimony order in place or are going through divorce proceedings in which alimony may...


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