Many companies do business in both New York and New Jersey, but crossing state lines for business purposes can also blur the distinction regarding which state’s tax laws apply. In some instances, both states may try to collect taxes on one business activity, subjecting business owners and even individuals to unfair double taxation.

Whether you are facing a conflict between states regarding your business interests or personal income taxes, one of our experienced New York and New Jersey tax attorneys with the Kridel Law Group can help you protect your assets and limit your liability to only what is fair under the law.

What types of interstate tax conflicts may arise?

Our Firm’s experienced tax attorneys have seen many types of tax conflicts between New Jersey and New York. Some of the most common issues stem from conflict in determining which state has the authority to issue payroll taxes, sales taxes, income taxes, capital gains taxes, and excise taxes, and under what circumstances such taxes are assessed.

Overall, corporate income tax is the most common tax levied upon out-of-state companies and, therefore, is one of the most common conflicts that arise for companies who do business in both New York and New Jersey.

How can a New York and New Jersey tax conflict attorney help?

There are a number of ways an experienced tax conflict lawyer in New York and New Jersey can help you handle interstate tax conflict issues, from avoiding the headache in the first place to working with tax authorities in each state to determine a fair outcome that avoids overtaxing your interests.

Our Firm’s New York and New Jersey tax conflict attorneys can:

  • Help you draft contracts and business plans, and execute business transactions so as to avoid certain tax conflict problems and potential litigation expenses;
  • Advise you regarding residency regulations for tax purposes;
  • Address sales tax conflicts for businesses selling products in both states;
  • Analyze potential tax conflict issues arising from doing business over the Internet;
  • Help you minimize the cost of doing business by avoiding costly mistakes related to tax conflicts;
  • Utilize interstate commerce to grow your business without risking double taxation;
  • Communicate and negotiate with tax authorities—including state tax boards and tax courts—on your behalf; and,
  • Ensure that your due process rights are protected.

Consult an experienced New York and New Jersey tax conflict attorney

Whether you are just beginning your business venture and want to avoid any potential tax conflicts between states, or you have been surprised to receive a tax assessment from another state, your experienced tax conflict lawyer in New York and New Jersey can be your advocate. Contact the Kridel Law Group today for assistance by calling our offices in New Jersey at (973) 470-0800 and New York at (212) 924-1625 to schedule a consultation.

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